Frequently asked questions

Please click on one of the links below to access the information you are looking for. Contained within each link are commonly asked questions and answers. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Go Massif sales & operations.

Making a booking

The details of my booking have changed / are wrong. What do I do?

Please create a help desk ticket from the booking management page with the details of the change. We will amend the booking and send back a revised booking confirmation.

Do I have to book a seat for a child / infant?

Every passenger, now matter how young, requires by law their own seat. Therefore the number of passengers you book needs to include children and infants. The correct size baby seat or booster cushion is provided, free-of-charge, for every child. Please submit details of your requirements as part of booking. By law, no children may travel on the laps of adults during the journey.

What's the difference between the types of transfer you offer?

Please see the 'transfer types' faq for details

Can I specify a pickup time, rather than a flight time?

When making a booking, it is possible to request a pickup time. However, for people leaving resort to meet departing flights we can recommend a suitable time to leave that takes into account any likely delays due to traffic and weather conditions. Book a Private transfer on this site then email us with your pickup time details and we will amend the booking.

Can you pick us up from an airport hotel?

Private transfers can be picked up from hotels near the airport. Shared transfers must be picked up in arrivals. Book a normal airport transfer on the website then contact customer services via the help desk us to tell us what hotel you want to be picked up from (please also include a pickup time)

Do I need to provide a full address of my accommodation?

Not always. Most of the time all we need is the name of the building where you are staying. If you think you are staying somewhere 'off the beaten track' then just put the building name down and bring detailed directions with you. If necessary, we will contact you to ask you to provide these in advance.

Why provide a mobile number?

It is very helpful to have a mobile number, in case the office, or your driver, needs to contact you. Please provide a number, giving the full international dialing code. E.g +44 7787 1234 567. We don't use this number to send you any marketing info. Only to help us make things run smoothly.

Why provide flight numbers?

If meeting you from an arriving flight, we need your flight number in order to track your progress. This means we can re-plan our schedule if you are late. Flight numbers can be found on your flight ticket and normally look something like 'EZS6457'

What luggage information do I need to provide?

Please see the luggage FAQs for details

I have a large group. Can I have a mix of transfer types?

Certainly. Our vehicles take up to 8 passengers, so groups of 9 or more will need to be split. To keep things cost effective, why not book a private transfer for 8 then a shared transfer for the remaining members of your group. This works really well with groups of 9 or 10. Use the 'Multiple Transfer' facility of the website to book multiple transfers.

How many passengers can you carry at once?

Lots. We have a fleet of over 20 vehicles. We also work with local coach companies, so we can provide transport for any group size. Email us for a quote.

Types of transfer

What is a 'Shared' transfer?

This is the budget option, ideal for individuals or small groups. For flight arrivals, you may be grouped with other passengers landing up to 90 minutes after you. For flight departures, you may need to leave up to 5 1/2 hours before your flight departs to fit in with other passengers timings. The vehicle you travel in may detour to other resorts before dropping you off.

What is a 'Private' Transfer?

A private transfer is, as the name implies, for you and your group alone. No other passengers share this. The driver leaves when you are ready and takes you directly to the door of your destination. Great for larger groups.

I have a large group. Can I have a mix of transfer types?

Certainly. Our vehicles take up to 8 passengers, so groups of 9 or more will need to be split. To keep things cost effective, why not book a private transfer for 8 then a shared transfer for the remaining members of your group. This works really well with groups of 9 or 10. Use the 'Multiple Transfers' facility of the website to book multiple transfers.

On the day of the transfer

Where do we meet our driver?

Full details of where you will be met are provided on your booking confirmation. For flight arrivals at Geneva, it can vary, depending on whether you are arriving on a weekday or at the weekend. Almost all other pickup points will be at the door of the building specified. Please read your booking confirmation carefully. If your pickup point is difficult to find, we will send you extra information.

What time will I be picked up?

This depends on the type of transfer you have booked and is detailed on your booking confirmation. For transfers to flight departures, your pickup time will be confirmed to you by text the evening before. This is because the transfer time can vary due to snow and traffic conditions and we aim to get you to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

We are going to be late. What do we do?

Please contact us using the number on your booking confirmation as soon as you know of any delays. We will then do our best to make alternate arrangements for your transfer.

Can we stop at a supermarket on the way?

Supermarket stops are not possible. Go Massif advise that you shop at the MIGROS supermarket located in Geneva airport's train station. This very near to where we meet you, it has a good range of produce and is as cheap as the French supermarkets. More details can be found on the Geneva airport website.  Please always bring reuseable bags with you for shopping. French supermarkets no longer supply plastic bags, even upon request.

Can we pick up our keys / linen at the office on the way?

If you need to pick up anything before going to your accommodation, our usual procedure is to drop off 1 member of the group to pick up the keys then take the rest of the group to the door of the accommodation. The driver can rarely wait for  keys, etc to be picked up as it can take a long time. If you would rather, we can drop the whole group at the place where you pick up the keys. The pick up location for the return will always be at the door of the accommodation, not the place where you drop your keys.

Can we drop off our keys / linen before departing?

All administration (key and linen drop off, etc) must be completed prior to the driver picking you up. We never allocate time for you to do these tasks with the driver. Doing so will make both the driver and you late and the driver may have to refuse your request.

What number should I call if there are any problems?

The number you must call if you are experiencing any difficulties is detailed on your booking confirmation. Please ensure you have a copy of this available for when you travel

How do I call your French telephone number with my mobile phone?

Always use the international dialling code and drop the '0' from the from the number. For example, our operations number 09 70 44 61 10 should be called using the number +33 9 70 44 61 10 or 0033 9 70 44 61 10

Should I tip the driver?

Our drivers are selected based on safe driving skills, reliability and courtesy. If you feel they have been especially helpful, tipping is at your discretion. But the drivers do always appreciate the tips, especially if they have gone out of their way to be extra helpful

I don't know where I want to be dropped off. Problem?

If you haven't specified an exact drop off location, we will normally drop you off in the centre of the town / village where you have booked to.

What type of vehicle will I be traveling in?

You will usually travel in one of our Renault Trafic or Nissan Primastar minibuses. These have ample room for up to 8 passengers to travel in comfort with plenty of baggage space. All vehicles are in excellent condition, have climate control, are equipped with winter tyres and have snow chains.

Can we eat or drink in the vehicle?

Eating and drinking is not permitted in our vehicles. This includes baby food. If you have a strict meal time regime, please allow for this in your travel plans. Maybe it is best to request a specific ‘pick up’ time in such circumstances.

What happens if a passenger feels car sick?

If you or any of your party feel car sick please inform the driver immediately. He can slow down or stop if necessary. Adults please monitor your children, this will be the first time some of them have travelled on such roads, they will not always be aware that they are sick. Please ask the driver for a sick bag if you think any of your group may be car sick. Please be aware that children playing computer games or reading books are likely to be car sick.We charge a 50euro cleaning fee for any passengers soiling our vehicles.

Our friends/family are in a hire car, can they follow the driver?

Our drivers are only responsible for the passengers booked onto the transfers. They cannot be held responsible or act as guides for people travelling to or from the airport in rental cars. If you have friends or family in hire cars please make sure they know how to get to and from the airport.

Flight arrivals & departures

Where do we meet our driver at the airport?

Details of the meeting place can be found on your booking confirmation. Please ensure you have a copy of this with you when you travel.

What time will you pick us up for our flight departure?

An approximate time is provided on the booking confirmation. We will send you an sms the evening before to confirm the exact time. We do this because journey times will vary due to weather and traffic conditions. We always aim to get you to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departs.

Our flight is late. What do we do?

If you have not taken off, please call us from your departure airport to let us know. If you are delayed in the air, there's not much you can do! Assuming you have given us your flight number, we'll be monitoring your progress. If you are significantly delayed, please be aware that we may have to reassign you a vehicle and that you might not depart as soon as you arrive.

Our bags have been lost in transit. What do we do?

As soon as you know a bag is lost, call us to let us know you are going through the proceedure to report a lost bag. Please be aware that the delays caused by lost bags may mean we will need to assign you a different driver, who might not be available as soon as you are ready to go.

Do you charge for driver waiting time at the airport if we are delayed?

Normally no. But we do expect to be informed of any delays in advance. If you are significantly delayed, please be aware that we may have to reassign you a vehicle and that you might not depart as soon as you arrive.

What happens if our flight is diverted?

Normally your airline lays on a service to get you back to your original destination. Please call us when you land at the new airport to let us know your new eta. We will try to reschedule a vehicle for you.

Can I get cash out at Geneva airport?

Geneva airport is in Switzerland. You will not be able to get euros from the cash machines. If you need to go the Bureau de Change please allow time for this, as there is often a queue, especially at weekends.


How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring 1 large bag or suitcase and one small bag per person. If you want to bring more than this, please add details in the 'luggage details' field of the booking form. We will contact you if we forsee any problems with the transportation of this extra luggage.

Can I bring a push chair?

Prams, strollers and baby buggies will be transported free of charge. They must be of the fold down variety.

Can I bring skis or snowboards?

1 pair of skis or a snowboard per passenger is carried free of charge. This must be clearly stated on your booking confirmation.

Can we bring bikes?

Provision can be made to transport bikes. Please email us with your requirements.

All things money

Do you accept Switch, Maestro, American Express, etc?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and French debit cards only, as we are a French company. If you do not have access to one of these card types, please see the information on our other payment options.

What other forms of payment do you accept?

We always prefer that you pay by card in advance. However, we can also accept payment by bank transfer (SEPA) or by cheque, by prior arrangement. Paying cash on the day is not possible (unless booking at the very last minute) as it is difficult for us to administrate.

Do you charge 'card fees' and any other 'hidden fees'?

No. We keep our pricing very simple. The price quoted already has all fees, including our credit card charges included. But please be aware that your bank may charge you currency exchange fees if you have a non-euro account.

How secure are your online payment facilities?

Very. We use France's largest bank, BNP Paribas, as our card payment provider. When paying, you enter your card details directly to the bank, not via our website. That way your details are kept very secure. We never keep your card details on file. Please see our 'payment security' page for further details.

Are your prices 'per-person' or total for the group?

The prices quoted on the website are the total for ALL passengers travelling. Individual passenger prices are not quoted as we don't price per person (unless just one person is travelling, of course!)

Can I get a receipt?

If you have booked in advance on the website or by email, you will have access to an online receipt. Click on the link provided on your booking confirmation email to view your receipt. If you have booked last minute or by phone, send us an email and we will send you a link to your receipt

If I cancel, do I get a refund?

Refunds are available, subject to a 30 Euro administration charge. Alternatively, you can opt for a credit towards a future booking. Refunds and credits are only available for cancellations made more than 7 days before the 1st transfer of a booking. Please see terms & conditions for full details.

Can I just pay a deposit now?

To keep things simple, we ask for all the money at the time of booking. We don't take deposits in order to keep our card charges as low as possible, thus keeping our prices low.