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Payment security

Go Massif use the BNP Paribas Merc@net system to provide secure, on-line credit card payments for customers.

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When paying online, your card number will never be revealed or stored on the Go Massif web server. You submit your card details directly to BNPParibas' payment server via an encrypted SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) connection.

Once the bank has received your card payment, you will be redirected back to the Go Massif website. BNP Paribas also send confirmation of your payment back to the Go Massif booking system. You will immediately see your payment recorded against your booking.


All personal data provided as part of the booking process is kept purely for operational purposes. This data is not used by Go Massif for marketing and promotional purposes, nor is it given / sold to 3rd parties for use. If we provide any data to third parties (sub contractors, etc) then it is with the strict instruction that it is only for operational purposes and not for their promotional use. 

Website cookies

The Go Massif website uses a 'cookie' to store a unique reference number for the duration of your website visit. This reference is used in order to allow the website to remember your booking requirements.

None of the personal information you enter as part of the booking process is stored on any cookies

If your browser has cookies disabled, you will be alerted to this fact on the booking page of the website. If you choose not to enable cookies for the Go Massif site it is still possible to obtain prices. However, it will not be possible to create a booking.

Further information

If you have any specific queries relating to data protection and security please do not hesitate to contact us:

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