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Private airport taxi service to and from Les Carroz

Go Massif are the leading provider for private taxi transfer services between Geneva airport and Les Carroz. With a fleet of 30 vehicles based in Les Carroz and neighbouring resorts, Go Massif are the specialist passenger transport provider for the Grand Massif ski area. Each vehicle can carry a maximum of 8 passengers; ideal for groups and families.

How the private service works

The private taxi transfer service is ideal for passengers looking for zero-fuss door-to-door transport between Les Carroz and Geneva airport. After completing the simple online booking service, passengers are sent a ticket that contains complete information on how and when to meet the driver.

Geneva airport - Les Carroz: As soon as they have cleared customs and baggage reclaim, passengers are met at the Go Massif meeting desk, conveniently situated in the arrivals hall. From there, they depart immediately in the dedicated vehicle or vehicles and go directly to Les Carroz where they are dropped at the door of their accommodation.

Les Carroz - Geneva airport: Go Massif aim to get passengers to the airport approximately 3 hours before flight departure. Travel times can vary greatly, depending on traffic and snow conditions. As such, an sms and email are sent the day before departure, confirming the exact pickup time. Passengers are taken directly to Geneva airport, where they are dropped outside the departures building.

Why travel with Go Massif?

Have a stress-free travel experience by taking advantage of the following

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Established company
Based in Les Carroz
Dedicated customer support
Excellent local knowledge

Other taxi services in Les Carroz

Go Massif are a company dedicated to running a private transfer service between Les Carroz and Geneva airport. As a consequence, it is not possible to offer a general taxi service (to bars and restaurants, for example). There are a limited number of taxis in Les Carroz that offer trips 'in-resort'.

Looking for something more cost-efficient?

Go Massif also offer a shared transfer service to Les Carroz for groups and individuals.

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