Samoens transfers

The popular family ski resort of Samoens is accessible from Geneva airport in about an hour. Go Massif provide a variety of transfer options between Geneva airport and Samoens.

For cost-conscious travellers, the Go Massif shared service offers great value for money, especially for inviduals and couples. Private transfers are available for those who want to get to or from Samoens as quickly as possible.

Half of the Go Massif drivers are based in Samoens. They have an unrivalled knowledge of each address in the village, making Go Massif the most punctual and reliable transport provider in Samoens.


shared transfers

During the ski season, Go Massif operate a regular shared mini bus service between Geneva airport and Samoens. With maximum grouping times of 90 minutes, it is possible to get from Geneva airport to Samoens quickly and cost effectively. The Go Massif Shared transfer service to and from Samoens is direct to the door of your accommodation, unlike public transport alternatives.

Private transfers

Go Massif provide a first-class private transfer service between Samoens and Geneva airport or any other destination. With a private transfer, you have the entire vehicle dedicated to you, like a taxi. The driver will pick you up to suit your flight timings or at the time you specify.

New operating procedures - winter '21/22

Starting from December 2021, Go Massif will only be operating in Switzerland for 90 days a year.

Recently, Swiss authorities have begun imposing a regulation that limits the number of days companies based in Europe can operate in Switzerland to 90.

This affects all taxis, private hire vehicle operators and transporters operating vehicles with fewer than 9 seats, such as Go Massif.

Go Massif will continue to provide shared and private services on the days it operates. Availability of private services will be very limited on Saturdays.

During the winter season 21/22 Go Massif will not be operating on the following days:

Sat, 25 December 21

Tue, 11 January 22

Wed, 12 January 22

Tue, 18 January 22

Wed, 19 January 22

Tue, 01 February 22

Wed, 02 February 22

Tue, 08 February 22

Wed, 09 February 22

Tue, 15 February 22

Wed, 16 February 22

Tue, 22 February 22

Wed, 23 February 22

Wed, 02 March 22

Wed, 09 March 22

Wed, 16 March 22

Wed, 23 March 22

Wed, 30 March 22

Tue, 05 April 22

Wed, 06 April 22

Thu, 07 April 22

Tue, 12 April 22

Wed, 13 April 22

Thu, 14 April 22

From 18 April 2022, Go Massif will cease providing transfers to and from Geneva airport until winter '22.

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